Solid wood bespoke kitchens
designed by Khozema - The Pine & Oak Factory.
We offer in-house designed end-to-end bespoke kitchen solutions made of premium hardwood equipped with a variety of appliances as per client requirement and budget.

Entire carcasses made from solid wood with options of any Farrow and Ball paint or solid Oak doors. The carcasses are made from Pine which can be left as the colour of wood or painted. The kitchens can also be made in solid oak throughout or with a wide array of work tops such as marble, granite, ceramic, steel and corian. Our materials compliment the extreme temperatures and weather conditions of UK for a kitchen that lasts a lifetime!

For a minimalist style kitchen with clean contemporary lines why not choose an array of doors and trims from our extensive collections which can all be seen in our showroom in Chobham or a much larger Kitchens studio in Slough. Pick any colour door and we will make the kitchen with solid wooden cabinets.
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